Why after you have already learned your lesson, do you still torture yourself?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Question- Why after you have already learned your lesson, do you still torture yourself? Why do we do that as humans? One reason could be- you pull yourself back in a negative reinforcement as a way to humble your state of being. Second- is it a strong behavioral trait you have? Third- you question if you learned your lesson. 4) Is there something more deep seated down there that you need to contend with, to let those emotions or trauma to move on. Some kind of behaviors results from the unhealthy mental frequency channels. -E.I When you start thinking about a specific memory something you see as a negative type of trauma, and learn how to steer away from it in a positive way so when that comes around again- you can replace it with a re-routed positive memory or fixate on the positive points in the traumatic memory (more so, the lesson you continually learn). Growth is everything, but to rehash it after you’ve learned past a certain time or point is just torture. Something you don’t deserve to have happen to you or you to do to yourself. It will take time no doubt for you to forgive yourself and look forward. But no matter what always allow All the emotions you felt to come. Learn to assess and channel them, and Instead allow yourself that moment to realign your mind, body, and soul. It will ground you in confidence and clarity to continue to be in the moment. Focused to make the best of every situation and or enjoy your next endeavor even more.

When good or happy thought comes at you-let it happen. In fact let it through always. Slowly it will become louder and louder and push the negative ones out.

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