Your day starts the way the corners of your mouth go.

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

You probably don’t realize how you wake up effects the rest of your day. Believe me, I get it.. I am not a morning person (Never have been lol) -or- you might be running into the same day you experience everyday, and find it hard to get excited anymore.

When the excitement has left, that is the toughest. Passing those mental blocks require extra energy, that you already say you’re missing. So how do you get there?..

-Remember little wins and changes in your day add up Big!

If you can’t think of how to get started, try some of these:

My Fav- Music, Coffee, and a stretch are the Best Start In my day!

  • Plan and set up your morning and day the night before to lessen the stress of time and tiredness in the morning.

  • Give yourself a couple of alarms to wake up slowly.

  • Put your music station on in the background! If you do news- leave it to the 15 min highlights. Don’t get too lost in emails and negative news until you get out the door to your next destination.

  • Allow time to stretch or breathe while you get dressed. Work it in while you’re putting your clothes on or doing your hair or makeup.

  • Remind yourself of all the blessings you already have and your life, and Everything you are grateful for.

  • While getting ready- Mentally prepare yourself for your day by going over the flow of it, and think -aka- manifest what you would like the outcomes to be throughout.

  • Make sure you get your coffee, shower, and or breakfast if you need it.

  • As life complicates through the day with everyone’s else world merging into yours- do what you can, without absorbing everything else that doesn’t pertain to you. Remember “Not my Monkey, Not my Circus” There’s a level of self responsibility and accountability everyone needs to have. It is not your job to fix everything for everyone because you are capable too.

  • Remember your time for yourself and what you need and want to do is just as important as everyone else’s. So don’t stress yourself out with unnecessary work and tasks if you don’t have the time. Also remember there’s always tomorrow. Most things can wait until you have some time for them.

  • Take a deep breathe and step back. Give people more credit around you to come to conclusions they’re looking for. The amount of stress that leaves when you accept that is huge.

  • If you don’t get everything done on your list, there’s always tomorrow. It’s more important to give yourself the mental break- relax, watch your favorite show, time with your family, or wind down little earlier to catch up on sleep you need.

If you burn yourself out, you’re no good to anyone. Everyone would rather you be smiley and nice- than stressed out, edgy, or mean. So take back your day and be a winning inspiration to everyone around you. You’ll do for them more than you realize.

Smiling on the inside makes you and everyone else smile more on the outside.

Be the change you want to see.