You deserve what you want and to feel amazing at the same time. Let's make it happen!

I will be here to remind you- you are Not crazy, you deserve what you want.. and there's absolutely No reason you shouldn't go for it. I'm here as an Ear to listen, a Shoulder to cry on, and Positive Perspective to grow on. You're bigger than the world you've boxed yourself in. I won't allow you to forget that.

Xo, Dakota


If it matters to you, than it's Important enough to Explore.. Right?



We can't be on point 100% of the time. We're human. We're animals. We're impulsive, emotional, sensitive creatures; And In this Big Wonderful World, it can get tough with all the other big personalities running around. Some nice, some not-so-nice, BUT- That's Okay.. Because What matters is how you feel about yourself and treat the humans around you. You have the confidence and class to take this world by storm. It's Not the Destination.. It's the Journey. Trust your Gut and don't overthink it. It's so sooo easy to get lost in our own heads and start making up conversations that most likely never happened or wouldn't happen. AND-  If they did, then we just look at whatever part we played in it, acknowledge it, and grow from it.

  You have more control over your daily happiness than you think. By choosing what information you choose to be immersed in and influenced by. Life is a Crazy ride all on it's own; No need to complicate it any more than it needs to be. There's a lot out there that is just Unnecessary. I can help you weed through the clutter mentally and physically, so you can see and feel how easy life daily obstacles will change into opportunities for growth. That comes from being Happy. You are So much Stronger than you give yourself credit for. I'm here to Believe in you until you can Believe in Yourself. You Are UNIQUE and AMAZING. 

I obviously don't know everything but I know what makes me happy everyday, what I've learned, and how I apply it. That is what I want share with you- so maybe you can find the daily fun and happiness that I experience in every moment of my day. Most every moment cannot be and won't be perfect. But those not so awesome moments are necessary to make us the stronger, more capable individual we aspire to be and- help us to appreciate when everything is so amazing.

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Under Water

Decide on the Life you want.. and fight for it. If you don't.. You're just selling yourself short, and not being the best you can be for those around you. 


A Positive Perspective can change Everything Instantly.

I can help you find that Again! Let's acknowledge and enjoy All the Beautiful Little Blessings you already have in your life; and make them better or just add to them. In the End, it's just about TRYING to live EVERY Moment better than the next. Fun, Productive, Healthy, and Happy filled with all the love all the time. Life is short as we all know and plus it's  JUST so much more Fun when you live it that way!

Have a Fantastic Day!


New Life.. New You.. New Inspirations..